Egon Kuchlein (Amsterdam, 1958) set up Egeon Architects in 2003 after years working as an environmental designer and visual artist. In the years 1984-2003, Egon designed and realized a wide range of his own projects and exhibitions, as well as working on urban studies. He also organized a multitude of events and advised authorities in the field of visual arts. After studying at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem (1984) Egon went on to study architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, where he qualified in 1999. In addition to working in his architectural practice, Egon Kuchlein is also an advisor on spatial quality at various locations in the Netherlands and a member of supervision teams for new developments.

Egon Kuchlein’s office is at Raamgracht 72

1011KK Amsterdam.

Telephone: + 31 (0)61 4213149

Architects Register (NL): 1.991015.012

Deliveries according to DNR 2011

Florian Aberle (Zutphen, 1953) began his career as a mechanical engineer but graduated in 3D Design from the Academy of Arts in Arnhem. He worked as a designer at the furniture manufacturing company HTM in Wierden before setting up his own design company in 1986. He designed ceramics for “Satchmo” and “Schoonhoven Ceramics”. Florian developed his own porcelain collection, which was produced in Meissen (Germany) and distributed through international channels. He has been designing chairs, tables, lamps and buildings from his studio in Geulle near Maastricht since 1994 and joined Egeon Architects in 2003.

Florian Aberle is based on the Heirweg 29,

6243AC Geulle.

Telephone: + 31 (0)43 3654040