The St. Peter Medical Centre is situated on the ground floor of an apartment building in Maastricht in the area known as St Peter.

It is a Primary Care Centre housing:

- 3 General Practitioners (GP) with assistant practitioners.

- 2 physiotherapists and treatments rooms

- 2 psychotherapists

- 1 podiatrist

The list of requirements was long but available space and budget were limited. In spite of this the design for the interior was achieved. Articles on healing colours and healing environments served as a guideline in the design process. This was translated in the use of the colours, wooden furniture and a custom designed lighting plan. The glass walls provide transparency for the patient as well as privacy during consultations.

A ventilation system with heat recovery was installed at the medical centre. Warm air heating/cooling with the addition of floor heating is provided by a heat pump which utilizes ambient air.

‘St Peter’s Medical Centre’